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Making an appointment

You can visit the municipality by appointment only. To make an appointment, use the online form or give us a call at 14 0488. Choose the occasion for which you want to make an appointment (for instance exchanging foreign driver’s license, reporting a birth, reporting moving from abroad).

Your appointment will take place at the town hall. We kindly ask you to pay by PIN.

We are still aware of the COVID-19 virus. If you have a cold, cough or fever, do not make an appointment until you are well again.

Cancel or change your appointment

Please give us a call at 14 0488 if you want to cancel or change your appointment.

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If you are moving within or to Neder-Betuwe, you must notify the municipality 30 days before your move or within 5 days after the move. When you report your move in Neder-Betuwe, your former municipality will deregister you automatically.

You can report your change of address within or to the municipality of Neder-Betuwe directly online. You need a DigiD for this.

Moving from abroad: settling in the Netherlands

Are you moving to Neder-Betuwe from abroad (immigration) or will you spend at least 4 of the next 6 months in the Netherlands? Then you will need to register with the municipality in person within 5 days upon arrival. If your partner and/or children have also arrived from abroad, they will need to join you and get registered as well.

You can make an appointment online.

Moving abroad: emigration

If you will be residing abroad for more than 8 months, you must report this to the municipality. You have to do this within 5 working days prior to your departure at the town hall. Please bring your identification.

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You can contact the municipality of Neder-Betuwe in the following ways:

Visit us

You can visit the municipality by appointment only. Use the online appointment form.

Burg. Lodderstraat 20
4043 KM Opheusden

Write us

Send us an e-mail:

Postal address:

Postbus 20
4043 ZG Opheusden

Call us

14 0488 (or +31 488-449900  if you're outside the Netherlands)

Social media

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If you live in the Netherlands, you can exchange your valid foreign driving license.

Visit the RDW website for more information.

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To request an extract or certificate, use the online form (DigiD required) or make an appointment by calling 14 0488.

Are you living abroad? Then you can also authorize your Dutch family or friends to do this for you. This person has to bring your authorization and a copy of your identification.

Types of extracts and certificates

The municipality can provide you with a certificate of birth, marriage, partnership and death. You can request the certificate at the municipality that originally made the document.

An extract is an official statement from the Basic Register of Persons (BRP) that states your name and current address. You can request this extract at the municipality where you live. A 'certificate of deregistration' is also an extract.

Extract or certificate rates 2022

A certificate costs € 14,30.
An extract costs € 20,10.

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In Neder-Betuwe Avri takes care of everything related to waste removal in our municipality.

For all matters relating to household waste collection and waste processing, please contact Avri on (0345) 58 53 53 or We urge you not to call the municipality for waste matters.


A lot of mud on the road? Report this at Tree Center Opheusden.

Questions, complaints, reports about lampposts? For example a broken lamp or dammage due to an accident? Report this at

A loose pavement or defects in the public road? Broken sewers, nuisance from municipal greenery, litter or a loose paving stone? Report it by:

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Are you staying in Neder-Betuwe for longer than 4 months? Make an appointment for registration [link naar] in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). Anyone who is registered in the BRP will receive a Social Security Number (BSN).

You must register with the municipality at the address where you actually live.

  • At your permanent home address
  • To a postal address, if you do not have a permanent home address.

First registration in the Netherlands

It is important to Inform the municipality within 5 days of your arrival in the Netherlands. For this you must visit the municipality in person. Do you also have a partner and/or children that has to be registered? They have to come to the municipality in person too. When you register, you will be assigned a citizen service number (BSN). In many cases you will need this number to contact the government. For example for healthcare or taxes.

Arriving in the Netherlands as a European migrant worker

Are you a resident from the European Union and you want to work and live in the Netherlands? This brochure contains information about living, working, taxes, registration in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP), healthcare and enrollment in schools. In the brochure you will find numerous links to websites of (government) organizations where you can find more information.